A Design Trail to Remember

When life presents you with an opportunity to work at Singapore design week it is understood that you pursue it- no questions asked. When Design Trails 2017 presented itself it seemed like an amazing opportunity: a power packed day covering multiple aspects of design around the city. How can you say no to that! The…

Living in a Post Truth World

In a world where the internet is the main sources of information, where an individual’s encyclopedia can be tampered with by a bored teenager, where what’s considered popular is dictated by a blogger and top collegiate rankings are proposed on blog sites and are considered legitimate, then is seeing really believing? The proposed question to…

From Blog Shop to Bonito

Ever wonder how to start your own fashion business and make it an empire? Love, Bonitos co-founder Rachel Lim knows how! I had the privilege of attending her entrepreneurial workshop where she took us through her journey and highlighted the key aspects of creating and running your own business.

The Wrong Fit in Fashion

Most fast fashion brands don’t fit you well enough? It’s funny to see because each of these brands claims to know their target customer. Well if an Indian college student is their target market (considering they’ve entered a new geographic region) wouldn’t the size have to cater to them as well?

Putting the Emotional Intelligence in Editor-in- Chief

‘I’ before ‘E’ is always applicable except when it comes to your social skills in the fashion industry. Emotional Intelligence and the importance of proper social skill development can determine whether you qualify to being the next fashion mogul.

Decoding Fashion with Antonio Gonzalez de Cosio

From the glitz and glamour of the fashion industry came a guru who paved his way up from the bottom to being the fashion editor for Marie Claire Mexico- Antonio Gonzalez de Cosio. We had the privilege of not only interacting with this inspiration but sitting through one of his lectures where he educated us…

There’s no I in Fashion?

Development of my skills has to start from the get go and that includes inter personal interactions. Coming from a background where most of our work (prior to coming to Singapore) was based on an individual evaluation, group submission seemed a bit daunting at first. Over the last couple of months I was pushed into…

Blogging the Chong Way

Ever wondered what it took to crack the blogging industry? Singapore’s top fashion and lifestyle Blogger Andrea Chong gave me an insight on just that and more.

The Proof is in the Pudding!

Entering the communication sub system: Being able to dictate what’s in and out in the fashion industry is a dream. A fashion editors pieces are meaningless without one major key: the evidence.