Personal SWOT Analysis

With two semesters left to face reality it was time for a little introspection! This post acts as a way for me to gauge where I stand and what i have left to accomplish before entering the real world- a Personal SWOT.


Composition Exhibit: Where Raffles Designers Take Centre Stage!

Picture this- a black bodice covers in an ever so delicately draped piece of mauve velvet, black feathers meshed together to form the bottom of an evening gown, an embellished jacket so pristine that you would see it on the shoulders of a modern day Jackie O; and they’re all made by the creative geniuses…

It’s always a business- A Talk with Mathilde Thommeret

The editor of Be Asia and Marie France Asia Singapore. From interning in the fashion capital of the world France with the prestigious Grazia Magazine, to not only launching but being the editor for a fashion magazine empire, Mathilde Thommeret has accomplished every aspiring fashion editor’s dream to do and more! The bright young blonde…

To A Pleasant Success and Mini-Bazaar Madness!

The time had finally come for COMMON MARKET SG to take center stage! The highs and lows left us all grinning with satisfaction, always keeping in mind our main resources at the end of the day.

A Bumpy Road to Success

A progress report on the fashion event: pitfalls and communication errors can lead to a series of unfortunate events- the solution being a good team. from a garage sale to a bazaar, see where this event is headed!

Start Working Smart!

With semesters flying our weekly progression seems a bit stagnant when it comes to our event progress as well as our own personal development. The completion of a fashion event is one of the top fields we need to cover for the completion of our course. Over the course of our last semester, we came…

Zalora Style Awards 2017

They say opportunities arise in the most unexpected ways- this statement could not be more accurate. On the 23rd of March, I had the privilege of covering the Zalora Style Awards 2017, and the experience was surreal.

Helsinki Here We Come!

Big opportunities arise when you least expect it, in this case, it came in the form of a workshop. Regardless of my initial temperament toward it, attending it will be something I am forever grateful for.  The workshop was an exemplification of Finnish design and the design concept from Finland. The talks were presented by…

A Design Trail to Remember

When life presents you with an opportunity to work at Singapore design week it is understood that you pursue it- no questions asked. When Design Trails 2017 presented itself it seemed like an amazing opportunity: a power packed day covering multiple aspects of design around the city. How can you say no to that! The…

Living in a Post Truth World

In a world where the internet is the main sources of information, where an individual’s encyclopedia can be tampered with by a bored teenager, where what’s considered popular is dictated by a blogger and top collegiate rankings are proposed on blog sites and are considered legitimate, then is seeing really believing? The proposed question to…