This blog is a documentation on the progression of my skills which help me achieve my goal of getting into the fashion publication industry internationally. Studying International Fashion Business has opened up numerous opportunities in the Fashion industry for me to pursue, but there’s always been one goal in mind since I was 10 years old- to be the editor-in-chief of a great Fashion magazine. Throughout my life the significance of a fashion magazine has transitioned on from being the canvas to my latest masterpieces to being my bible. This Holy Grail left me craving each issue so much so that the collection had accumulated to a ‘hoarder status’. Waiting to get my hands on the latest Harpers or Vogue to ogle at the most stunning couture and style (and the celebrity gossip from time to time) left me curious at the people who make this happen. Who wrote my bible? Looking deeper into it and uncovering the fashion gods who make it happen you’d expect my inspirations to be among the likes of the great Anna Wintor or Glenda Baley (don’t get me wrong they are inspiring) but mine came much before I’d even ventured into finding out who they were. I was inspired to be a fashion magazine editor at the age of 10 when I watched a TV show and saw how incredibly rewarding yet taxing it was to be the editor and chief of a magazine.