Moving to the Beat of Your Own Drum- Freelancing

There’s a certain point in your life before you finish your third quadmester of your final year of university where you realise that in the next 4 months your life is going to change drastically. There are a few options that arise but which one is going to lead to the most amount of gratification? When you put that into context you realise that other than getting a job at an organisation or starting something on your own a new field emerges where you get to dictate your own terms and your gratification lies in your hands- freelancing.

The occupation is a world full of possibilities with you having full control over how much you charge and what work you do. Freelancer Bridge the gap between hiring a full-time employee for a company and giving levy over how much work you can handle in terms of how much you are willing to earn. They are allowed to dictate their own terms and the community is increasing as a whole. Today, companies hire freelancers more regularly as they don’t have to incur any excess costs other than the base commission. They prefer giving the position to freelancers mostly for cost cutting issues and to avoid the administrative costs in general. The main disadvantage for these individuals is that they do not receive any extra benefits in terms of health care, company incentives, etc.

Most freelancers in the market charge an hourly rate and depending on the expenses they ensure throughout the year. After analysing my potential competition (existing art directors and content creators) in the market I have determined that I will have to charge approximately 24 dollars an hour. The rate is competitive enough for me to succeed in the market, cover my expenses and make a profit.

Being a freelancer isn’t a profession I would consider but at this point where the job market is more competitive than ever and the perks of freelancing outweighing the cons, it might be a good starting point while I improve myself in other fields (graphic design course).

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