When Your Passion Meets Reality with Sharon Au (StyleXstyle)

Dreams and aspirations can consume a person’s mindset and push them into a direction which probably wasn’t meant for them in the first place. It’s only when you begin to do it that gilts and the glamor unravel or if intensifies. When you’re handed an opportunity to experience real world scenarios before your time to test the water- you take it! StyleXstyle Bootcamp is a platform that offers students a once in a lifetime chance to be part of an elite mentorship in partnership with Mediacorp. It’s a four-week mentorship program with the top professionals in the industry which allows you to get the feel of your dream jobs.


The talk was facilitated by the inspiring Sharon Au who gave us some backstory on her life from air hostess to actress to being the founder of StyleXStyle.com. Her talk shed light on the importance of following your passion and the importance of experience.

The determining factor of our lives is held by the satisfaction we have received through the course of it. One-third of our lives is spent educating ourselves based on the norm, one-third of our lives is spent working and the last (for most) is spent retired.  If that time is spent doing something we aren’t passionate about then by definition haven’t we wasted most of lives doing something we aren’t happy about and does that really equate to you ‘living’?

Sharon’s inspiring journey left me contemplating what I wanted to do and the change in direction I wanted to lead.  I was contemplating making a decision as to whether I should shift my ambitions towards creative and art direction as opposed to journalism and this talk confirmed it. Following my passion and assessing what I was good at was the first step. Now that I’m sure this is something I would like to purse I’m going to give it my all and apply for a spot on the StyleXStyle boot camp. Working under the best in the industry will help me understand the market, asses where I have to be in the future as well as understand the job role I aspire to do.



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