Composition Exhibit: Where Raffles Designers Take Centre Stage!

Picture this- a black bodice covers in an ever so delicately draped piece of mauve velvet, black feathers meshed together to form the bottom of an evening gown, an embellished jacket so pristine that you would see it on the shoulders of a modern day Jackie O; and they’re all made by the creative geniuses who showcase their work at Raffles Privato. Where ambition and talent meet the likes of the eclectic shoppers of Singapore, Raffles Privato has an array of decadent designs put together by the alumni of Raffles Design Institute. The brand located in Paragon shopping center doesn’t do justice to the painstaking it work that goes into each garment- this is where Composition Exhibition 2017 was born. The class of 20 students put together an exhibit at the Paragon shopping center which showcased the work of the top alumni of Raffles Design Institute highlighting the craftsmanship and the stories that went behind the creation of each masterpiece.


Similar to our fashion event COMMON MARKET SG (Read more about it in my previous posts), our batch mates held an event in celebration of the talent our school exuded. Aimed to establish branding for the designers, coined the Composition Exhibit – A Raffles Privato Restrospect Exhibit, it presented the likes of Amos Ananda, Cynthia Fransisca, Ink Studios, Laison, Lukito Sorelle, Paul Nathapol, Pleatation, Sean and Sheila, and X Q Zhang. The showcase persisted for one week with a launch party to commence the exhibit.

(made by the marketing team)

The launch party went off without a hitch with the exhibit exuding excellence and a free flow of finger food and drinks. The commencement speech given by the college chairman Mr.Joe inaugurated the showcase. The event saw the likes of students, industry professionals, and administrators.

The students managed to carry out the event extremely well with the pinnacle of the exhibit being the exquisite designs. The turnout was rather underwhelming for the level the event was portrayed on but all and all it was a success.  All and all the platform created an awareness and show the Singaporean market the up and coming designers of today! Congratulations to the students who put up this fantastic exhibit, it really made a make in the Singaporean fashion scene!



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