To A Pleasant Success and Mini-Bazaar Madness!

The time finally arrived when it was all guns a blazing- the day of the event was upon us and it was more tasking than we expected! Being a stand in vendor meant that we had to transport all the merchandise from point A (being the house) to B (NDC) without a hitch. It also entailed us carrying nearly a 100 magazines (what seemed like a 1000 kg’s).  We caught a glimpse of how strenuous the job of a vendor can be in the hours leading up to the setup. They have to be meticulous in planning everything down to the business card holder they would like to set on their booth, and we got to experience it first-hand!

On reaching the venue the day kept getting more progressive in terms of an actual event set up. I have never been so involved in an event of such stature. We coordinated and produced the entire show which made us really envelop in all it takes to make this happen- from the setup of the stalls to the VM off the booth; from stock checks to decorating the venue, we did it all.


The event went off without a glitch. The external vendors managed to draw in the most crowd. The array of vendors covered a number of areas which allowed for a diverse market environment. The only down fall was the turnout. With the hype set with social media and marketing, we expected at least double of what we saw. Sadly even the vendors were disappointed with it. Fortunately, whatever the vendors lacked in customers they got from us with half the class purchasing more that 60% of their stalk. Suzy +Bae (one of our vendors selling handmade lingerie) even said that she was expecting a bigger turnout but was so extremely grateful for the organisers because 80% of her sales were accountable to them!

There was a steady progression of walk-ins throughout the day at its peak around 5:00 p.m. Some brands were more successful than others with products flying off the shelves. All and all the event went off better than expected with all the members of our class grinning with relief. However, I don’t think there has ever been a show with no hiccups, towards the later part of the day we faced a couple with regards to the closing time but it was minor. The clean-up ran smoothly as well as nearly 20 of our friends were there to help shut shop. I realised the importance of unlikely resources like your friends in a time like this.  All and all COMMON MARKET SG was a pleasant success making us hopeful for a sequel!



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