Progress Report- If we won the Battle have we really won the War?

“The Common market SG, this Sunday on the 28th of May! We hope to see you there!”

This has been my mantra for the last 12 days. With all the ups and downs over the last 6 months, our event is finally coming together. Our mini bazaar titled the COMMON MARKET will launch on the 28th on May (Sunday).  If you have been reading my other posts you will see the progress and the pitfalls we have faced when it comes to this aspect of the module. As always generating an idea isn’t the hard part with a group of 19 creative minds. With a number of communication gaps and accessibility failures, the toughest part as always is the execution.

Over the course of three weeks, we have been putting in all our efforts to execute a successful event as it’s not just our names on the line but the reputations of the brands we are calling as well. A grueling three-week process has left us with 9 confirmed vendors, 2 sponsors, a fantastic venue, and a group of 19 exhausted students excited to see the fruit of their efforts (not to mention a few disagreements along the way).


Each of our designated tasks got switched up through the process and finally, it became an attempt to communicate rather than stick to our assigned roles. From the head of the production, my part in the event changed with what was happening around me- starting with helping the marketing team, to inviting people for the event, to being a potential stand in and coordinating with vendors. I got to participate in all aspects of this production and it helped me assimilate my strengths and weaknesses when it came to this setting. Working with different departments became much easier through the process as everyone wanted to see the success of the event. Considering one-third of our vendors were students from our class there was a great amount of enthusiasm coming our way to make it a success.


Out of all the tasks, I was assigned, coordinating with Apparella seemed the most fruitful. The brand was started by a Raffles alumni- Natalie Kalkowski. Coordinating with someone who has been in our footsteps and actually made a name for herself whereas helped me understand the reality of what raffles could do for me. Each of these opportunities acts as a platform to launch my career and that’s exactly what I looked at this as. The professional aura that she exudes is something that I strive to achieve. She provided us with information, insight on how to make our event better and all the intended merchandise she wanted to sell at the pop-up shop. I enjoyed being entrusted with that kind of responsibility.

With the event drawing closer and closer the class finally seems to be coming together. In the span of 12 days, we have finally banded together to put things in motion. With our class coming together, contacts and a whole bunch of hard work, we are hopeful to see what happens on the 28th!

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