Finland for the Win!

The long awaited moment had finally arrived- the dawn of our results. The anticipation and build up to the results lead us to believe that there was only one way the results could go and if it didn’t turn out that way then frankly we would be crushed! Design Finland 100 was a design case competition we took part in March. The competition celebrates a hundred years of Finnish independence which in turn lead us to create two feasible GTM strategies over the span of 7 days.  You can read more about it and our experience participating in it on my previous blog post! It had been a month and a half since our submission and the wait couldn’t have felt longer.

Four hopeful individuals waited endlessly and as the eagerness built in their eyes the anxiety built in their minds- until the day of forthcoming came and our anxiety was broken with a sign of relief and more importantly happiness. I feel like I was in a state of shock when I read ‘2)overall winner- Team Captain-  Natasha Rodrigues’. This not only meant that we placed it also meant that we had the opportunity to represent our college at an international summit in Helsinki and present our work. It still leaves me speechless when I think about it. the happiness didn’t stop there- as I scrolled down I also noticed my name against ‘best design’. Our team also placed second for the best design which meant that we also won a door prize!


After meeting with the design Finland head professor Kirsti a few weeks prior to the announcement our minds were puzzled. She left us optimistic but didn’t assure us of anything. We have now received confirmation that we shall be traveling to Helsinki in August to present our findings. This world wind of an experience is just stepping stone for greater things to come and it makes me extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to take part in an event of this caliber. Cannot wait to see what lies in store for the months to come!

Click here to meet the team!


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