A Bumpy Road to Success

Dealing with complications can create a solid work ethic. Being conditioned to and environment where everything was moulded according to your fancy, I faced challenges because I assumed I had to handle consequences myself (which for the most part is true) but sometimes (when a good team backs you up) you understand that your idea isn’t always the best outcome in a particular situation. This week I encountered a series of events relating to my fashion event which put my emotional indigence to the test.

As you know if you have been reading my blog, our class has been instructed to put up an event during this semester for a major portion of our final grade. We were meant to put up a fashion blogger garage sale where they sell their pre-loved clothes at subsidised prices to increase the importance of sustainability in the industry as well as to give back to a worthy cause- Salvation Army. Due to a succession of complications, communication breaches and lack of responses the plan failed and we were asked to change the idea. On agreeing to the concept of a clothes swap our goal was to accomplish a different set of targets to finalise the nitty gritties of the swap by this week. To our dismay, the issues continued and we had a problem arriving at any productive information.

The issue set in front of me was one that I couldn’t comprehend and that was that I was working in a team and it is of their best interests and efforts that will result in my grade. Communication and interest or lack of rather, was our main problems when it came to our fashion event. Periods of silence would be followed by intense arguments but at the end of the day, the goal was the same- for all of us to do well we need to work together.

The group finally came up with an idea which could be executed because we already had confirmed entities- a Bazaar. The idea was to hold a fashion fair where small brands would sell their goods on one unified platform and the advantage was that we already had four confirmations. The idea was approved and the deadline was pushed to make the event a success. With the road ahead finally looking a bit brighter I look forward to seeing where this will go!


Featured image: http://www.pinsdaddy.com/bumpy-road_0BHCtAHRCADaRpJasY1woR6OmT4AgTCEEGN*t5unAas/


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