Start Working Smart!

With semesters flying our weekly progression seems a bit stagnant when it comes to our event progress as well as our own personal development. The completion of a fashion event is one of the top fields we need to cover for the completion of our course. Over the course of our last semester, we came up with an idea to conduct a bloggers garage sale which would sell pre-loved clothes at a sustainable market. The idea was approved and encouraged but the execution seems to be a problem because the bloggers weren’t available. The event progress isn’t going as smoothly as we hoped.

Being one of the team leaders I felt accountable for the mess and it helped instil an unfathomed sense of responsibility.  Once we briefed our teacher on our event progress she gave us an ultimatum seeing how slowly it was progressing- saying that if we had no bloggers by the following week we would have to change the event. Understanding that we pushed into high gear- each team was set out with a cohesive set of leaders to create and achieve comprehensible goals for the future. My team was extremely cooperative and took initiative before me saying something about it. Being the head of the production meant that I had a lot of hands-on work on the day of the event which meant we didn’t have too much to accomplish. This left us in charge of the proposal team.  This left me coordinating tasks of the other departments as well because there was a major communication gap.

The saying ‘hard work and dedication pays off’ should be reiterated in our case because as hard as we worked we didn’t work smart of effectively which lead to our problem. Our ‘last minute’ attitude really affected our work leaving us in a sticky situation, to say the least. We managed to set up alternatives but the results of which took time which we sadly did not possess. This whole scenario really put real life work into perspective making me realise that however practical and sounds a plan seems you should always be prepared with an alternative. We managed to re-contact sponsors, venue partners, printing houses and most importantly bloggers and their agencies but as of now, there is no real hook to grab on to.

But when all doors close a window opens and that was in the form of collaboration with a Singaporean sustainability company- the Wedge Asia. Our purposes are in sync and they would be the perfect partners to collaborate with. They seemed like they were interested in our proposal as well and so there is some hope- collaborating with them would take care of our sponsors, venue and FnB sections. Figures crossed that they react to us positively. It would be amazing to collaborate with such a prestigious company!

All and all I feel like this entire experience is something I can incorporate in my future job. As an editor-in-chief, you should be able to liaison with everyone and still keep a composed frame of mind. Strategic planning is a skill I need to master and I’m slowly learning to develop it.


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