Living in a Post Truth World

In a world where the internet is the main sources of information, where an individual’s encyclopedia can be tampered with by a bored teenager, where what’s considered popular is dictated by a blogger and top collegiate rankings are proposed on blog sites and are considered legitimate, then is seeing really believing? The proposed question to our class this week was that if we lived in a ‘post truth’ world then what do we practice to stay above the con? The answer seemed as formidable as the question did- to think critically.

The ability to engage in reflection and independent thinking  and understand the logical connections between ideas.


 Individuals who practice the concept can correctly analyse and evaluate a problematic situation and come up with a creative solution.  Take the fashion event for instance (read my last two articles to see the progress of the event- There’s no I in Fashion,  Putting the Emotional Intelligence in Editor-in-Chief), we face challenges constantly especially since the idea is still in the conception phase. Our major task at the moment is finding a suitable venue. By analysing the situation we have inferred a few possible budget friendly venue locations (shop spaces, galleries, cafes) which have additional benefits (free flow food and beverages) as well as some unconventional options (night clubs) which go well with our audio visual requirements.

Another important concept was that of inferring. Like a detective you are required to practice the art of deductions or rather come up with inferences from the limited information you receive. Allowing myself to comprehend a problem and being able to come up with certain conclusions from that limited information can help me in my overall development. Making inferences based on other information can be the building blocks to you starting your research or going further into your study. For instance let’s look at the phrase ‘due to the poor development of the brand image, Abercrombie and Fitch are doing poorly in the market’. From this statement we can infer that the brand is probably doing badly because the competition in the market is so high that the concept of expensive basics can’t persist in the tumblr_oay14rr4vv1sjwwzso1_500modern market just yet, or that due to the multiple scandals they have got involved in they have gotten stuck with the wrong brand image. This can be the basis for further research. So be a Sherlock and use the ‘art of deduction’ to further your critical analysis skills.

fe0a660d9493156c714d17293eae7dc1Another revolutionary skill that our teacher would like us to start practicing was the art which is said to revolutionise the realm of PowerPoint using it as a visual aid and not a weapon to kill (death by PowerPoint) – Pecha kucha. The concept was created by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Klein Dytham architecture (PechaKucha20x20, n.d.), where they proposed that your presentation must be a maximum of 20 slide and 20 second per slide giving you a total of 6.40 minutes to articulate your point perfectly.  The idea acts as a combination of a poetry slam and visual aids slide share to share knowledge and take a drab concept like a PowerPoint presentation and make it something worth watching. The concept has re-invented the world of presenting and even lead expects to say that it has changed their life (Eddie Selover at TEDxOrlando). For our final presentation we are asked to present ourselves in terms of our personal development across the three months In a Pecha Kucha Presntation of 20 slides for 2 minutes in total. Did I mention the two minutes entails a group presentation (5 in a group).  This challenge is quite exciting to encounter to say the least.  At this point I am looking different way techniques to execute my own Pecha kucha and a few really stood out: ‘Pain. Fear. Humor.and ‘The World’s Best City When It Rain’.

The concepts enlighten me allowing me to see the possible avenues I can explore in the future when it comes to my own personal development. Putting this into practice might just allow me to getting one step closer to a Pecha kucha presentation in front of the creative board of a huge magazine publication someday!



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