The Proof is in the Pudding!


Evidence and experience can take you a long way: The only way something is credible, a.k.a. a journalist best friend.  Making your work credible has been instilled in us from the very get go but you don’t realise its importance until baseless arguments are staring back at you from a computer screen screaming out “you’re going to fail if you submit me”.  Understanding our skills for career development was one thing, but what we have to do to get to the promise land is a whole other ball park. Steal from the best and make it your own right? As long as you give them credit, sure! Potential recognised opportunities stem only when you know what you can attain form them, for example me taking an advanced journalism short course would help improve my writing style, open doors to new networking possibilities, more hands on experience in the field, and brings me one step closer to finding my voice.


Understanding I wanted to enter the industry as a fashion editor puts me in the category of the communication subsystem. To be the gatekeeper in the new realm of digital fashion media where I get to dictate what people do and do not have access to (that’s the dream). Although I would love to have dipped my little toe into the creative production system pool I feel like the bulk of my interest capabilities and strengths lie in the communication subsystem.

Coming from a metropolitan city in India, the IT capital of the country, fashion as a whole lay in infancy. The industry is said to be blooming but the opportunity prospects in the country are slim. I personally feel at this point in my life I can only reach my full potential by gaining as much exposure as I can internationally. My idea market at this point would be to work in a country which has broaden up their mind set toward the fashion industry and has budding opportunities where an International Fashion Business degree holder like me would thrive, that market being Singapore. Both places I call home are so similar by nature that adapting the lifestyle came easily. To work under the likes of Kenneth Goh or Caroline Ngui would be a dream come true.




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