STEP 1: Personal Development Planning



Personal development planning was the objective behind the module. This sparked curiosity amongst the class as we were asked to assess our career goals relative to time. “What do you want to achieve?” was the proposed question which left the class divided: most with definitive answers as to what line or career they wanted to pursue and others (like me) who had dreams and aspirations but for lack of a better word were clueless.




My aspiration (since I was 10) is to be an editor and chief of a top fashion magazine.  Introspection helped us ascertain our current realities, the skills we did possess and what we needed to become what we sought out to be.  As an aspiring editor certain qualities that I needed to possess were obvious (excellent vocabulary, writing skills and diction; a keen eye for fashion; to excel in editing and publishing software’s like Adobe Photoshop and InDesign) and on further investigation by looking at job descriptions and resumes of current fashion editors I uncovered it involves a lot of interpersonal and team related management as well.  Stress and time management skills and expanding my vocabulary are my short term goals at the moment. Short courses in intermediary and advanced levels of journalism (London college of fashion currently has a course) can help me achieve these goals and push me forward in the right direction. Dreams and aspirations can only take you so far but when it comes to this field I personally would have to search for as much hands on experience as I possibly can (be it writing articles for blogs, work shadowing bloggers, editors and journalists, etc.) which will help me find a voice. Eva Chen editor and chef of Lucky magazine credits her success to the experience she has had to make her what she is now, “It has taken me 10 years to solidly define my voice and solidly feel secure in what I am doing, and that is a testament to practice.” Living by those words over the next year will set me on the right path making my dream a reality. With aspirations riding high will I be the next Anna Wintor of our generation?




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